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Meet The Artist,

Diana Zimmerman

I grew up in a small town in Germany and my passion for art started there and continued as I came to the US in 1991 (as an Au-Pair in Connecticut).

My husband and I decided to make our life together in Boulder, Colorado and had two boys, now young adults. Through the years, I took several workshops with fabulous local artists in the Denver area.

My passion for travel and nature has always inspired my art. As a dual citizen (German & American) I have had the privilege of a diverse cultural lifestyle, going back and forth between Europe and the US for 27+ years. I feel that this creates constant questioning of who you are and who you want to be in the world.

Art is a wonderful way to process and express some of those feelings. Connecting with people, and creating community through art is what I enjoy.

Please follow me on my social network pages for regular updates!

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